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Introduction to DemoFlex

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Remove ceramic tile 10X faster with no dust using DemoFlex™ Underlayment.

DemoFlex Underlayment is a 2-Part crack suppression membrane that is adhered below the mortar, tile & grout giving the tile floor carefree durability without the damaging mess.

only when you apply force to remove or repair the tile: the membrane, mortar & tile all come up intact. By encapsulating the mortar and silica within, employee exposure to the silica is extremely reduced eliminating the need for many extra expenses.

Add protection from the lung damage & disease causing silica dust during tile demo before it becomes a major problem. By encapsulating the mortar, there is No mortar grinding and no dusty chunks of tile flying around during demo. no other system proactively prevents this potential dust like DemoFlex.

DemoFlex makes tile as permanent as you need it

The system meets Extra Heavy Traffic Classifications in ASTM C627 Robinson testing therefore suitable for commercial and residential use. DemoFlex also exceeds the ANSI A118.12.5.4 standards for High Performance Crack-Isolation, both completed by Tile Council of North America.

Great for 'Tile over Tile' with No Scarifying needed

No need to grind polished concrete or add primers onto existing tile with DemoFlex as long as the substrate is structurally appropriate for ceramic tile, clean and relatively smooth.

See the video below for DemoFlex Install & Removal with an example of tile demo the slow way…

Move the slider left & right to input the size of your typical remodeling project to see how much DemoFlex will save you VS using the alternative or no membrane protection...

No More Damage to Radiant Heat

DemoFlex Underlayment protects your expensive electric heat and other substrates during the tile removal & repair processes!

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"Now that I have used it, and have not used it, I realize that you don’t know you need it until you need it.  It is inevitable that you will eventually need it..."

–Steve Marcel (homeowner)

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