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DemoFlex: 100 Sq Ft Membrane System


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‘DemoFlex Tile Management System’

belongs in all heavy traffic entryways in Hotels, Restaurant & Hospital projects for its many performance characteristics and for those clients’ with higher frequency of remodeling lifecycles for the benefit of DemoFlex’s fast & clean demo that no other fully-bonded system can provide. Try out our value engineering examples…


Heavy Duty Traffic Abuse & No Silica Exposure During Remodeling.

Fast project turn around and heavy traffic load capacities are some of the major points of value that ‘TMS’ adds to your property. Use it under ceramic tile & stone or LVT & LVP floor coverings without adding tons of cost or more than 1mm of height.

The latest design trends help you stand out!

DemoFlex makes removing tile 10x faster! With no cracks and no dust to deal with, you’ll have practically no mess to clean up.

DemoFlex: 100 SF Membrane System Underlayment Set consists of: (1) Can of DemoFlex Adhesive (150SF coverage) along with (1) Roll of the 40 mil (1mm) thick DemoFlex Membrane (36″x33.3′) together covering 100 square feet along with the included Seam Tape.

Optional Upgrades in Sound Deadening Characteristics and Upgrades in Traffic Load Capacity Available Upon Request



Under Tile/Stone on 6″ concrete with a ceiling assembly below, TMS achieved an STC rating of , an IIC of 57 and ∆IIC 14.

ASTM C627 Robinson testing proves its suitability for Heavy Commercial & Residential use. The ANSI A118.12.5.4 standards for High Performance System Crack Resistance add value to the life of the floor along with the membranes passing ANSI Hydrostatic Pressure testing by the TCNA.

Certified exposure testing completed utilizing DemoFlex reported “non-detectable” Silica exposure levels which is the lowest reportable level of exposure. So far below the Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) 25 µg/m3 standard set by OSHA-1926.1153 that during tile floor demo, users can avoid the extra engineering controls that OSHA typically requires.



Download Complete TMS Installation Instructions (ENG/ESP) Here


See Product Data Spec Sheet for full details: from a standing position, spray the DemoFlex Adhesive onto the floor substrate/concrete, wait 20-40 minutes for the adhesive to activate, then thoroughly press the DF Membrane into the DF Adhesive and it is immediately ready to set the Mortar, Tile and Grout directly on top of our membrane following industry standards.

Treat the seams & perimeter of TMS with our provided DemoFlex Tape or your choice of high quality silicone caulk or liquid waterproofing.


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Additional information

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 6 × 6 in

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