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Ryan Flick

R&N Builders

Even though I was quite skeptical about the product, we were able to install 300 sq ft of it and exterior plywood underlayment in a few hours! I started tiling over it that day and I must say I will never use backer board of any kind on a floor again. The speed and ease of installation as well as the added features of uncoupling and removability make demoflex, in my opinion, the best tile underlayment on the market.

Steve Marcel

Field Sales Engineer

This is a great product, every tile floor needs this.

We first put this under our kitchen floor about 4 years ago in case we ever wanted to remodel. If you have ever taken a tile floor out you know you need this. Then, a year later, just before we remodeled out bathroom, our friends had to rip out there entire floor because there electric heat thermostat wire was not working and they damaged the electric heat when they tried to pull up a tile. After we heard about that horror story we put Nue Tile under our bathroom in case we ever wanted to replace the floor or fix the electric heat without having to run all new electric heat.

So I wish that I had the good sense to have listened to instinct and kept using this. Just this year we purchased a rental property. We figured, “it’s just a rental property, why would we put Nue Tile in”. Before any tenant ever moved in, we had electrical work done and the electrician broke a tile! If I had new tile, it would have taken just minutes to fix! And we didn’t even have a tenant in yet! When that happened I really kicked myself because at that moment I realized that it is inevitable that other tiles will get broken by furfure tenants. I really wish I put this in!Now that I have used it, and have not used it, I realize that you don’t know you need it until you need it. It is inevitable that you will eventually need it. I cannot tell you when or where, but I can say you will. It is so simple to put down, why not. Thank you. And I hope others can learn from my mistake, put it in now and avoid a headache and a bill later.

I tried Nue tile for the first time on a job where I needed an uncoupling membrane but had to limit the height of my substrate. We were going over an existing mud bed with some tile that will probably be removed in the next few years.

Nue tile was easy to apply and my helper was able to complete the task in only a few minuets. After the glue tacked up, the bond was strong and I was confident that it was going to hold when I scratch coated my modified thin set on top. I would recommend Nue tile to anyone who wants their tile to last for decades but may want to change it out in only a few years.

Aaron Horrigan

Flooring Technician

I love the idea of a second chance when it comes to tile .half of your job is floor prep and underlayment then apply Demoflex and 2 years from now when your sick of looking at nasty grout you get a second chance at a new floor and you save a bunch of steps toward your new floor.

As a floor guy I know what a disaster it is to rip out tile and what a mess it leaves the customer in the form of dust. Demoflex saves you 90% of the time, energy, money & clean up -IT JUST MAKES SENSE-

Jerry LoJacono

DIY user

We tore up tile in the kitchen, laundry, hallway, bathroom and foyer of my house and it was slow, backbreaking work.  Tiles would shatter into small pieces, dust everywhere, and even with a jack hammer it took forever! It took two of us the better part of a week to do the complete tear out and get the floors ready for the underlayment. 

Thanks for recommending the Nue Tile Demo Flex system. Instructions were simple and it was very easy to install with the tile. What was most impressive was when we had to pull up a tile that was set for a few days. We simply popped it out with a hammer and pry bar just like you showed us. I wish the previous owner had installed your system. Would have made our job so much easier. Excellent product!”