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The latest design trends help you stand out!

DemoFlex makes removing tile 10x faster! With no cracks and no dust to deal with, you’ll have practically no mess to clean up.

Remodeling work done ahead of schedule…

Install the strongest underlayment: sanded top, exterior plywood with DemoFlex TMS 2X faster than backer-boards or uncoupling mats with no extra mortar to clean.

A peaceful night’s sleep for guests and tenants.

Sound Deadening performance is important to hotel guests and condominium owners that don’t want to hear extra noise from above.

Flawless floors with employee protections.

DemoFlex offers cracked tile protection from the concrete below and no silica exposure during repair/replacement.

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Heavy Traffic is no match for your beautiful ceramic tile floor, and frequently remodeling is no longer your worst nightmare with DemoFlex™ Underlayment.


Anti-Cracks • Anti-Dust

No more huge mess!

The DemoFlex, Mortar & Tile all come up intact. Install is quick and easy with no extra mortar below or special tools required.


Prevent Silica Exposure
or Scramble to Reduce it Later?

OSHA standards starting 2018 set out to reduce the damage
that crystalline silica causes to our lungs. DemoFlex all but removes
this dust created during tile demo & repair…unlike any other system can.


‘DemoFlex TMS’ belongs in all hotel & condo projects for its sound isolation characteristics

between floors and for those clients’ with higher frequency of remodeling lifecycles for the benefit

of TMS’ fast & clean demo that no other fully-bonded system can provide.


Ceramic Tile & Stone Underlayment Systems:

• Remove ceramic tile 10X faster with virtually No Dust using DemoFlex™ Tile Management Systems.

• DemoFlex ceramic tile underlayment is a crack suppression membrane that is adhered below the mortar, tile and grout, giving the tile floor heavy traffic durability without the damaging mess.

• Only when the user applies force to remove or repair the tile, the membrane, mortar, and tile all come up intact. By encapsulating the mortar and silica within this system, exposure to silica during tile demo was independently tested as “non-detectable”, eliminating the need for Many extra expenses.

• No More Damage to Radiant Heat…
DemoFlex™ protects your expensive electric heat and other substrates during the tile removal & repair processes!

• DemoFlex makes tile as permanent as you need it…
Heavy Traffic Classifications in ASTM C627 Robinson testing make our tile membrane suitable for commercial and residential use and exceeds the ANSI A118.12.5.4 standards for System Crack Resistance (completed by Tile Council of North America).

• Great for ‘Tile over Tile’ with No Scarifying needed!
No need to grind polished concrete or add primers onto existing tile with DemoFlex ceramic tile underlayment as long as the substrate is structurally appropriate for tile & stone, is clean and relatively smooth.

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What They Said

Even though I was quite skeptical about the product, we were able to install 300 sq ft of it and exterior plywood underlayment in a few hours! I started tiling over it that day and I must say I will never use backer board of any kind on a floor again. The speed and ease of installation as well as the added features of uncoupling and removability make demoflex, in my opinion, the best tile underlayment on the market.

–Ryan Flick (contractor)

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Skilled installers will spend their time installing tile with so much less time spent ripping out tile floors.