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MultiBoard Underlayment


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• MultiBoard is the Only Tile Board that Adds Strength to the Floor

• 2X Faster Install of MultiBoard than the Alternatives

• No Mortar Needed Below MultiBoard

• Only Add Mortar Above MultiBoard to Set Tile Immediately

• No Extra Sponges & Buckets to Clean

• TMS Technology gives the Plywood MultiBoard any Easy Surface for Mortar to Bond the Tile

• Natural Stone requires other Backers/Uncouplings to add extra plywood anyway

• Stay Ahead of Schedule


LOAD FORCE is paramount to any floor,

especially for ceramic tile & stone.

MultiBoard panels by NUE TILE are made for pros and DIY installers that want: the strongest floor possible, great bonding for their ceramic tile/stone, and system crack protection. Plastic uncoupling mats and messy, traditional tile backer-boards both require adding mortar below while adding no structural strength! MultiBoard is high quality plywood backer-boards with TMS Technology pre-applied so your tile’s mortar bond coat has a suitable surface needed to achieve a stable bond. No mortar below MultiBoard allows for a much faster install and the strongest floor possible!

A floor must be designed to handle concentrated live loads (people & furniture) along with the dead loads (weights of the building materials) which are dictated by local building codes in the form of load span ratings. Typical ceramic tile installations can require doubling the building codes ratings in order to handle the concentrated live loads placed on them in order to resist failures. TCNA guidelines are great for ceramic tile and the generally softer natural stone which require more deflection resistance.

High Quality Exterior Glue SYP BC Plywood Panels – 4’x4′ @ 16 Sq Ft per Panel with Pre-Applied DemoFlex TMS Plus

MultiBoard Available in Thicknesses: 3/8″ (60) – 1/2″ (200) – 5/8″ (330) – 3/4″ (530)

60, 200, 330, 530 are high performance, tile floor underlayment panels suitable for heavy traffic loads without the need for mortar below the panel requiring less cleaning buckets & sponges. This allows for MUCH faster installation of the tile underlayment compared to backer-boards or uncoupling mats and produces a higher load capacity or stronger floor than backer-boards or uncoupling mats.

Your choice of DemoFlex TMS or TMS Plus membranes pre-applied to the board to save you more time on installation over backer-boards or uncoupling mats. DemoFlex Tape sold separately for seams (approximately treats 275 Sq Ft of TMS Panel flooring)

Determine your project’s:

  • joist dimension & spacing
  • subfloor size/thickness/layout
  • traffic load
  • height concerns

Choose your size of MultiBoard Tile Board and set tile immediately!


• Install MultiBoard and immediately spread mortar and set tile/grout per TCNA standards.

• Stronger load bearing floors than backer-boards or uncoupling mats

• When the user chooses to apply force to remove it; the TMS Membrane, Mortar & Tile come up intact.

• Heavy Traffic in ASTM C627 Robinson Testing

• High Performance System Crack Resistance in ANSI A118.12.5.4 standards

• Waterproof in ANSI Hydrostatic Pressure testing

• “non-detectable” Silica exposure levels below OSHA-1926.1153 standards



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Additional information

Additional information

Weight 52 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 3 in

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