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DemoFlex TMS: Sound Kit

DemoFlex TMS Sound Underlayment consists of: (1) Can of DemoFlex Adhesive (150sf coverage) along with (1) 36″x33.3′ Roll of the DemoFlex Sound together covering 100 square feet and the corresponding Seam Tape. You will receive both the spray adhesive can, tape and membrane roll in one kit.



DemoFlex Sound has achieved an IIC rating of 63 and STC rating of 64 for sound deadening to be used in ceramic tile floor installations with an IIC Delta of 17. Heavy Traffic Classifications in ASTM C627 Robinson testing proves its suitability for commercial & residential use. The ANSI A118.12.5.4 standards for High Performance Crack-Isolation Classifications add value to the life of the floor along with the membranes passing ANSI Hydrostatic Pressure testing by the TCNA. DemoFlex Sound Underlayment requires the use of DemoFlex Adhesive which can be sold separately.

By encapsulating the mortar along with allowing the tiles to be removed in full pieces with no grinding mortar; the exposure is likely below the Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) 25 µg/m3 standard set by OSHA-1926.1153 eliminating the need for extra procedures.

This will help reduce the need for having regulated work-zones because the exposure is so low and won’t likely even reach the OSHA standards. (click here for more information on the new Silica Standards)


From a standing position, spray the DemoFlex Adhesive onto the existing substrate/concrete, wait 20-40 minutes for the adhesive to activate, thoroughly press the DemoFlex into the DemoFlex Adhesive then it is immediately ready to set the Mortar, Tile and Grout directly on top of our membrane following industry standards.

It is recommended to treat the seams & perimeter with DemoFlex Tape (included) or with a high quality silicone caulk.




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Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 15 in