click the links below for 'TCNA' test results:

TCNA - ASTM C627 Robinson Test - Extra Heavy Traffic Classification

- DemoFlex robinson test on concrete


TCNA - ANSI Crack Isolation Test - High Performance Results

- DemoFlex crack-isolation test on concrete


TCNA - ASTM C627 Robinson Test - Electric Heat

- DemoFlex on electric heat over plywood and joists 19" on center

confirming NO DAMAGE to the electric heating element upon removal.


TCNA - ASTM C627 Robinson Test - Plywood

- DemoFlex on plywood and joists 19" on center


TCNA - ASTM C627 Robinson Test - Tile over Tile

- DemoFlex directly over polished tile with no scarifying


TCNA - ASTM C627 Robinson Test - Backer-Board

- DemoFlex on Dens Shield over plywood      


TCNA - ANSI Crack Isolation Test

- DemoFlex on concrete starting with Existing 1/16" crack    


TCNA - ASTM E96 Method Water Vapor Transmission Rate

- DemoFlex Sound Underlayment MVTR 0.1 Perms


TCNA - ASTM E96 Method Water Vapor Transmission Rate

- DemoFlex Standard Underlayment MVTR 0.35 Perms


TCNA - ANSI Hydrostatic Pressure Waterproofness Test

- DemoFlex Sound Underlayment Waterproofness


TCNA - ANSI Hydrostatic Pressure Waterproofness Test

- DemoFlex Standard Underlayment Waterproofness


The DemoFlex Systems have undergone several years of testing in hundreds of scenarios both in-house, on various job site environments and in many high end showrooms along with several unbiased, official tests performed by the Tile Council of North America. We've insisted on all of this in order to maintain your confidence that the performance of the floor will never be sacrificed. Our highest priority is to maintain the strength and durability that every tile floor demands or there would be no point in offering other features. With Extra Heavy Traffic Classifications in the ASTM C627 Robinson tests mean that you can drive a forklift or a pickup truck on our system and it will perform flawlessly which means it's also suitable for shopping malls and even your kitchen floor at home. We are excited to be the first to offer easy removability with all these other capabilities and tile over tile or polished concrete with no scarifying necessary add more versatility to your floor. We have also exceeded High Performance Crack-Isolation in ANSI A118.12.5.4 classifications tested by the TCNA while running at a fraction of the cost of most of the other crack-isolation membranes on the market. We have achieved these results in two different crack-iso tests; one going over an existing 1/16" crack and another with no existing cracks achieving the highest test results possible for both. Our membrane is meant to be applied to the entire surface of the installation if you so choose. Our Sound Control system has achieved an IIC rating of 63 and STC rating of 64 for sound deadening to be used in ceramic tile floor installations. The Sound Control membrane system meets Heavy Traffic Classifications in ASTM C627 Robinson testing therefore suitable for commercial and residential use and exceeds the ANSI A118.12.5.4 standards for High Performance Crack-Isolation Classifications, both completed by Tile Council of North America.