DemoFlex Underlayment Overview:

  • Crack & Sound Suppression
  • High Quality & Durability
  • Fast & Easy Removal
  • No Dust or Jackhammers
  • Tile over Tile with No Scarifying

DemoFlex Underlayment is a fully bonded & releasable crack & sound suppressor specifically designed for heavy traffic loads and making the tile easy to remove when the time comes! The system meets Extra Heavy Traffic Classifications in Robinson ASTM C627 testing therefore suitable for commercial and residential use. DemoFlex also exceeds the ANSI A118.12.5.4 standards for High Performance Crack-Isolation Classifications, both completed by Tile Council of North America.


3rd Party Testing Achievements:

  • Highest Robinson Test ASTM C627 Classifications for Traffic Loads
  • Beyond the Highest Crack-Isolation ANSI Classifications
  • IIC rating of 63 and STC rating of 64 for Sound Deadening
  • Warranted for moisture emissions up to 8 lbs / 24 hr / 1,000 sq. ft.
  • Ultra low R-values for efficient heat transmission


Real World Applications:

  • Car Dealerships
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Commercial Rental Property
  • High-Rise Condos
  • Tile over Tile with no scarifying
Ripout, Grinding & Cleanup has a LOT of room for improvement…


Installation Overview:

Following the TCNA Handbook for proper tile installation…

Step 1: Spray DemoFlex Adhesive
Step 2: Press in DemoFlex
Step 3: Set Mortar & Tile & Grout:
DemoFlex Installation Instructions
Instrucciones de Instalación de DemoFlex - en español
Suitable for floor use on:
Concrete, Electric Heat, Tile over Tile, Sealed Gypcrete, Backer-Boards, Plywood, Polished Concrete (no scarifying), Steel and more
Installation demonstration overview


Removal Demonstration:

  • Tile, Mortar, Grout & Membrane all come up together
  • Over 10X faster removal than traditional methods and significantly quieter
  • No mortar to grind or dust in the air
  • No damage to electric heat or substrate

Tile ripout with the help of DemoFlex on concrete

This shows the protection of the substrates in this case, electric heat and skim coat and the use of the DemoFlex crack suppressor...why choose anything less?                

User Reviews:

"I love the idea of a second chance when it comes to tile .half of your job is floor prep and underlayment then apply DemoFlex and 2 years from now when your sick of looking at nasty grout you get a second chance at a new floor and you save a bunch of steps toward your new floor. As a floor guy I know what a disaster it is to rip out tile and what a mess it leaves the customer in the form of dust. DemoFlex saves you 90% of the time, energy, money & clean up -IT JUST MAKES SENSE-"

-Aaron Horrigan  Flooring Installer  716.566.8643


"I tried Nue tile for the first time on a job where I needed an uncoupling membrane but had to limit the height of my substrate.  We were going over an existing mud bed with some tile that will probably be removed in the next few years.  Demoflex was easy to apply and my helper was able to complete the task in only a few minuets. After the glue tacked up, the bond was strong and I was confident that it was going to hold when I scratch coated my modified thin set on top.  I would recommend Demoflex to anyone who wants their tile to last for decades but may want to change it out in only a few years."  

-Joel Sullivan

 Sullivan Interior Finishing


 Photo Gallery:


"Doesn't get much easier than laying your membrane. You're right, that spray is so easy to use. I thought it was going to come out like wet aerosol spray, but that glue/foam consistency is awesome. Super fast, no mess and easy to use. Forget about what I said about rolling it on-- no way-- the spray is perfect."

-Paul DiLoura

 DIY user