DemoFlex Installation Brief Overview

From a standing position:

  • Prior to installation: complete all floor leveling & tile preparation procedures.
  • Thoroughly clean & dry the structurally tile-appropriate substrate to be free from residue and dirt including vacuuming & damp mop if necessary.
  • Spray the DemoFlex Adhesive onto the existing substrate.
  • Wait approximately 20-40 minutes while the adhesive activates until it does not transfer to the skin.
  • Thoroughly press the DemoFlex Underlayment into DemoFlex Adhesive with hands & feet or tools like a 35lb roller.
  • It is recommended to tape or caulk the seams & perimeter of Underlayment.
  • Spread mortar and set tile directly on top of DemoFlex Underlayment using a quality, modified mortar & grout following industry standards. 'Fast-set' mortar is recommended for reduced curing time.

(Following the TCNA Handbook for proper tile installation)   




    The DemoFlex Systems consist of both the Release Spray Adhesive Can along with the Release Membrane together covering between 100-300 square per roll feet depending on the membrane you choose. You will receive both the spray can membrane together. The membrane is meant to cover the entire surface of the floor installation and does not require any helpers like other long roll, peel & stick membranes.


    This image shows an example of the intended coverage of our spray adhesive that the membrane sheets are then pressed into.

    Too much adhesive is almost as bad as not enough, so please follow the instructions closely and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have!


    Ripout with & without DemoFlex along with installation demonstrations